Capstone Project for Data Scientist Nanodegree (Udacity)

: This post is meant as a partial fulfillment towards the completion of my Data Scientist Nanodegree at Udacity. The goal of the project is to implement harmonic networks (Worrall et al, 2017) in Pytorch for the classification of rot-MNIST digits.

Project Definition

Overview of the project

It is well known that when an object translates within an image, the respective deep features obtained from a trained convolutional neural net (CNN) also translate similarly. Due to this characteristic, regular CNNs are equivariant to translations. Theoretically, this property implies that if the CNN knows to encode the object for one position in the image, it can account…

A beautiful view of one of the streets of Amsterdam (credit: Wikipedia).


This blog post is meant to serve as an assignment project for the partial fulfilment of the Udacity Data Scientist Nanodegree. The project involves analysis of Airbnb data using CRISP-DM method, and we focus on the Airbnb data from the city of Amsterdam. The primary goal is to analyse the data and present the findings.

Problem statement

For this analysis, CRISP-DM approach is used, and the following steps are performed as a part of this comprehensive methodology.

  • Develop understanding of the business domain
  • Develop understanding of the data
  • Data modeling
  • Evaluation of the results
  • Deploying the changes

Note: We assume here that…

Debjani Bhowmick

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